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Rabies Control

Rabies Control 

Hyde County Health Department handles issues related to rabies control. For questions or concerns, please call (252) 926-4399. If an animal bite occurs, please contact Tyrrell County Animal Control Officer at (252) 766-0033.

Rabies Control

  • Animal bites are reported to the health department from physician offices, hospital emergency rooms, law enforcement, and individuals.
  • Domestic animals that have bitten a person, must be quarantined for 10 days and, if no current rabies vaccination certificate can be presented, the animal must be vaccinated prior to being released.
  • For domestic animals that are bitten by a wild animal, various guidelines must be followed depending on whether or not they have been vaccinated against rabies.
  • Wild animals that have bitten a person may pose a serious threat of rabies transmission. The animal should be killed and the Tyrrell County Animal Control Officer should be contacted at (252) 766-0033 to collect the head for submission to the State Laboratory of Public Health for testing.
  • A rabies vaccination clinic, sponsored by the health department, is held annually each spring. A fee is charged for the vaccination. The clinic will be advertised.







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