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Child Health

Child Health Services at Hyde County Health Department

Services now include the following for patients from age 0-21 years

Well Child Visits
Laboratory Testing
Sick Visits (ear infections, flu, strep throat, etc.)
Physicals (Headstart, Pre-K, Kindergarten, Sports, Camp)
Management of Chronic Conditions (asthma, ADHD, allergies, etc.)

Well child visits are important! It is a check-up to monitor your child’s growth and development. A head-to-toe physical exam is performed at every visit. Children should have well-child visits at the following ages: 

• First Week After Birth
• 1 Month Old
• 2 Months Old
• 4 Months Old
• 6 Months Old
• 9 Months Old
• 12 Months Old
• 15 Months Old
• 18 Months Old
• 24 Months Old
• 3 Years Old
• 4 Years Old
• Every year from ages 5-21 years.

Some visits will include immunizations (shots) for your child depending on their age. Children ages birth through 5 years will receive a book at each visit as part of the Reach Out and Read program. For children under 36 months, Fluoride Dental Varnishing is available at each visit.

Care Coordination for Children (CC4C) is a free and voluntary program that helps families find and use community services. The program is available to children birth to age three who are at risk for developmental delay or disability, long-term illness and/or social, emotional disorders and children ages birth to five who have been diagnosed with developmental delay or disability, long-term illness and/or social, emotional disorder may be eligible for the program.


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