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Maternal Health

Maternal Health Program from the Hyde County Health Department

The Maternal Health program provides comprehensive prenatal care for pregnant women from conception until the pregnancy is full-term (around 40 weeks). After 40 weeks gestation (if patient has not already delivered), patients are transferred to an obstetrician for management. 

Maternal Health Services Include:

  • Comprehensive prenatal care 
  • On-site laboratory testing
  • Immunizations
  • Client education and counseling
  • Referrals as appropriate
  • Postpartum care
  • Case management
  • Breastfeeding Education and Support

The first appointment is usually scheduled around 8 weeks gestation with monthly visits until 30 weeks. After 30 weeks, appointments are every other week, then every week until 36 weeks. Postpartum visits are usually scheduled 4-6 weeks after delivery.

To schedule an appointment, please contact the front desk at (252) 926-4399.

Accepted forms of payment include Medicaid, Medicare, and Private Insurances. Patients without insurance may qualify for Medicaid for Pregnant Women. Services may also be available at a reduced rate for self-pay patients according to a sliding scale.

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