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Public Health Preparedness and Response

Public Health Preparedness and Response from the Hyde County Health Department

The Public Health Preparedness & Response program provides planning and response plans to emergencies affecting public health.

This program prepares Hyde County to respond to public health emergencies caused by bioterrorism, infectious disease outbreaks such as pandemic flu and avian flu, natural disasters and other public health threats.  The Hyde County Health Department has developed plans, procedures and guidelines for how we will protect individuals during emergencies and disasters that affect our county.



COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information


General Information

Information for Businesses, Organizations and Partners

Masks for Sale in Hyde County


Hyde County Health Department Press Releases:

Press Release 1

Press Release 2

Press Release 3

Press Release 4

Press Release 5

Press Release 6

Press Release 7 – Vidant Testing Error

Press Release 8 – First Case of Coronavirus

Press Release 9 – Coronavirus Testing

Press Release 10 – Second Case of Coronavirus

Press Release 11 – Third Case of Coronavirus

Press Release 12 – New cases of Coronavirus

Press Release 13 – 3 New cases of Coronavirus

Press Release 14 – 2 New cases of Coronavirus

Press Release 15 – Update on Cases in Hyde County

Press Release 16 – Coronavirus Update – Mainland Mass Testing

Press Release 17 – Coronavirus Update 7-22-2020

Press Release 18 – Ocracoke Mass Testing Canceled 7-29-2020

Press Release 19 Coronavirus Update – 8-10-2020Press

Press Release 20 Coronavirus Update – 8-19-2020

Press Press Release 21 Coronavirus Update – 8-19-2020

Press Release 22 Coronavirus Update – 8-19-2020 

Press Release 23 Coronavirus Update – 9-2-2020

Press Release 24 3 deaths related to COVID-19

Press Release 25 Coronavirus Update – 9-9-2020

Press Release 26 Coronavirus Update – 9-21-2020

Press Release 27 Coronavirus Update – 9-23-2020

Press Release 28 Coronavirus Update 10-6-2020

Press Release 29 Coronavirus Update – 10-9-2020


Other Hyde County Releases:

Hyde County State of Emergency

Ocracoke Entry Guidelines

Updated Ocracoke Entry Guidelines

Message from the County Manager 3-23-20

Updated State of Emergency 3-30-20

Press Release – Mainland Entry Application

Press Release – State of Emergency (SOE) Amendment 4

Hyde State of Emergency Amendment 4 

Press Release -Ocracoke Control Group Recommendation

Press Release – Visitor Restrictions to be Lifted


Informational Sheets:

Coronavirus cleaning agents



Facts about CoVID-19(Spanish)




Handwashing – Spanish

What to Do If Sick with COVID-19

Cooperative Extension COVID-19 Resources and Fact Sheets


For More Information:

General COVID-19 Questions:  Call 1-866-462-3821

NC DHHS 2019 COVID-19 Website

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 Website

UNC School of Government COVID-19 Website

Hyde County Schools

Cooperative Extension COVID-19 Resources and Fact Sheets


Storm Information

Before the Storm: 


After the Storm:


Prepararse para la temporada de huracanes con los siguientes consejos:


For more public health preparedness information visit:


The Preparedness Coordinator is Misty Gibbs. Contact her at (252) 926-4184 or via email at

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