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Primary Care and Speech Therapy Services at the Hyde County Health Department

img15Telemedicine lets you have a “virtual” primary care or speech therapy appointment in a clinic close to your home with a doctor who is at a different location. The doctor and patient are able to see and hear each other through a computer screen and a video camera. With the help of a nurse who is with you, the doctor can examine you with special instruments like a stethoscope (to listen to your heart), an otoscope (to see in your ears) and an exam camera (to look at eyes, throat, and skin) to find the cause of your illness. After the exam, the doctor will prescribe treatment and order medicine if needed.

This technology is great for patients with chronic conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure because they do not have to make a long drive to the doctor every few weeks or months. It is also helpful for patients who are not feeling well — no more taking off a whole day of work or school to visit the doctor.

Hyde County Telemedicine offers medical care to patients of all ages. The board certified providers are located at a Family Practice Clinic in Jacksonville, N.C. A secure, confidential connection is used to communicate so your private health information is safe.


How far do you have to drive to see your doctor? Travel time can be significantly reduced through the implementation of telemedicine, saving both time and money. This is especially relevant for rural residents in Eastern North Carolina and other remote areas.
Save Time, Save Money

For more information about Telemedicine, contact: 
Kelley Newman, RN, Public Health Nurse I
Telemedicine Coordinator
(252) 926-4390

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